Vere Partners Financial Advisors - De vere & Partners Financial Advisors: Fraud

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Why are companies like this allowed to carry on trading and how do they get people to work for them?You really would have to be devoid of any sense of morality at all.

A bigger bunch of crooks I have yet to meet.

It appears to me that many of their 'advisors' have very little training in financial advise and are just told to market a few well chosen products from companies that pay all their commission upfront ie Generali leaving the poor investor with products that very rarely meet their financial needs, incur huge fees and which have huge penalties to get out of the situation.

My advise is DONT!!But if you have to then please read the small print, get information from the providers and dont believe a word they say!!

Review about: Generali Vision Bond.



As I understand it the SEC have refused to licence them. Devere will give you a load of old tosh about being unable to sell to anyone other than Guatemalans in the US and hold that up as a reason for why they're not operating out there but the truth is that they're not able to sell to anyone because the Yanks don't suffer fools gladly. This is emphasised by the US Police arresting and prosecuting one of their directors for endangering the lives of road users in Vermont!

God bless America!


Does anyome have information concerning their inability to do business in the USA?

Ex-wife abandoned the kids and claims she is openning an office in Florida.


They are just good salesmen/women-nothing else!

I had a few calls some while ago and eventually I went to see one of them, he wasn't a bad guy, just desperate to make that sale, as soon as I feel a bit of pressure I'm not comfortable. I didn't go ahead with the investment and I thought that would conclude things, but once they get your details that is it. I couldn't get rid of him or the girl that worked for him.

Someone told me that they aren't even allowed to deal with US citizens anyway. So why are they still calling me from time to time?

They are *** persistent, I'll give them that. You don't have to be rude but I don't think I'm going about it the right way as you can see.

Perhaps I should tell them to f***off!


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I couldn't agree with you more.

Absolute criminals.

Please see other blogs including One International City Life.


I was sold a Generali investment by Devere. I believed what the adviser told me (believing I was talking to an independent financial adviser, and not a salesman) until I read the small print of the investment contract and cross-checked things with the provider.

The adviser had misrepresented the investment in order to secure the sale. He had said it was flexible: it was not. He had said it would grow well: it would have taken years to show even modest growth. He also misrepresented his own career background in order to create an aura of reliability/respectability as a financial adviser, making up a story about working for a well-known financial firm - a story that he was unable to keep straight. Who knows what he had been doing before. Anything is possible.

You have to be careful that you receive all the relevant information from the provider concerning the initial contract (e.g. including a table of figures showing how the investment might grow in the years to come and including the letter reminding you how much time you have in which to cancel and get your money back). The provider doesn't send the initial contract documents to you directly but sends it to Devere, and the Devere adviser then passes it on to you. You have to trust them not to remove anything that might make you think twice about going ahead with the investment.

It's difficult to say whether there's much difference between a good Devere adviser (i.e. an adviser that earns good...

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